$1500 for 10 Qualified New Patients

Patient Builders, Inc. - Nationwide New Patient Marketing for Chiropractors

The Solution to the New Patient Dilemma!

We deliver new patients to your door when you want them!

With guaranteed results, you only pay for qualified new patients that are waiting in your office to be seen (by a chiropractor, not a therapist). Our sister company, Preferred Chiropractic, has built over 25 clinics throughout the nation. Each of our clinics sees an average of 300 patient visits per week by using the same marketing program for the last ten years. As you know, a significant percentage of Chiropractors go out of business within their first five years of practice without finding a productive way to market the business. However, every Chiropractor that we work with experiences considerable financial gain. No Chiropractor has ever lost money with our program. The cost of a Qwest Yellow Pages Ad is over $2500 with no guaranteed results, but you pay for the risk. Why gamble? Don’t waste your money on a bad bet!!! Pay for a sure thing: new patients delivered to your door when you want them. We not only market for Chiropractors, but we were founded by Chiropractors who see both sides of the business.